Smart homes consume less power.

iZone’s smart plugs let you control and manage your home appliances from anywhere, anytime to give you even greater control and cost-savings. Just ask Smart Alec.

Transform a “dumb” appliance into a smart appliance.

Plug ordinary appliances into an iZone smart plug and use your smart phone, tablet or iZone touch screen to control them. Simple as that.

Get smart creating automatic actions.

It’s easy to create schedules to turn your appliances on and off. Boil your kettle before you wake up! Turn on the electric blanket before you go to bed! Smart homes make life easier.

“Oh no, the iron’s on!” iZone will fix it.

No problem. Now you can turn appliances off as you run out the door. iZone can send you a text if you leave home without turning off the iron. You can switch off the iron remotely via your smartphone or iZone can be set up to do it automatically for you.

Monitor your energy use and save money.

iZone’s unique thermal storage system helps you to pre-heat or cool your home when excess solar power is available. This will minimise how long you run your air conditioning system during expensive peak times.* * Coming Soon